Saturday, 16 January 2016

Berkheya insignis

Introducing a magnificent grassland herb from South East Africa that is practically unknown to the nursery and horticultural industry that deserves a place in every garden with a suitable climate.

Berkheya insignis is a perennial grassland herb found growing mostly on rocky slopes which grows to 400-600 mm in height belonging to the family Asteraceae, the Sunflower family.

The flowers which are a bright yellow are large 80 mm and up to over 100mm in cultivation

Berkheya insignis flower

Berkheya insignis is hardy, drought resistant and easy to grow, growing well in heavy clay soils provided they are well drained.

Berkheya insignis can be propagated from division, cuttings and seed

Berkheya insignis flower with beetle

Berkheya insignis attracts insects especially small colourful beetles

Michael Hickman
Landscape Design and Rehabilitation Specialist


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