Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Do you have a Lawn just because "Everyone Else Does"

Most home owners and "landscapers" here in South Africa assume that having a badly planned, weed  infested, poorly managed grassy area in the garden called "a lawn" is somehow an obligatory part of landscape design.
This has not always been the case in fact historically a lawn as we know it is a relatively recent introduction to landscape design and is not practised universally in all countries.

For those not attracted to that rather monotonous "green desert" look of your average lawn or who dislike having to mow the lawn every week there are options, in particular for small gardens. Whose garden is it any way, who do you have to please other than yourself?

After all are gardens not for growing plants in? Then why not make maximum use of the space available creating green pathways or gravel pathways only wide enough to get to the various areas of the garden and to separate the various groups of plants.

Make your garden interesting and pleasing to the eye make it a paradise for wildlife instead of it being a “living dead garden” make it a “Proudly South African” indigenous garden that is a haven to wildlife.

Add some interest add some colour to your garden start today

Red Hot Poker Kniphofia tysonii

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